Beast Claw

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Beast Claw
Beast Claw.png
Physical attack: 75
Vs. Kin: 100
Vs. Beast: 100
Strength +0/+10 ?: D/C
Skill +0/+10 ?: E/D
Arcane +0/+10 ?: D
Durability: 180

Beast Claw is one of the Weapons available in the game Bloodborne.


Beastly weapon wielded by Irreverent Izzy.

Crafted by chiseling the long bones of an undead darkbeast and fastening them to the weapon. The bones are still alive, and when unleashed, grant its wielder a spurt of beastly power.

As flesh is flayed and blood is sprayed, the beast within awakens, and in time, the wielder of this weapon surges with both strength and feverish reverie.


Lower Ailign Loran Chalice Dungeon. after 1st boss, before 1st lamp on second floor, to the right/left in a chest.

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