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The Face Details menu always you to change the details of your face. In this menu you can choose from Face Presets, Similar Face, Features, Face Shape, Skin Color/Makeup, Hair/Facial Hair, Pupils, and Tattoo/Mark/Glasses.


The features menu allows your player to select their Apparent Age, Facial Aesthetic, and Form Emphasis.

Face Shape

Allows you to edit your facial Shape. You can do this by selecting your Facial Balance, Forehead/Glabella, Brow Ridge, Eyes, Nose Ridge, Nostrils, Cheeks, Lips, Mouth, Chin, and Jaw.

Skin Color/Makeup

Here you can edit the Base Skin Color, Skin Color, Eye Area, and Lipstick.

Hair/Facial Hair

Allows you to edit the Hair/Brow/Beard Color, Hair, Hair Color, Brow Brow Color, Beard, Beard Color, Eyelashes, and Eyelash Color.


Allows you to edit Size of Pupils, Color of Pupils, Right Pupil Size, Right Pupil Color, Left Pupil Size, Left Pupil Color.


Allows you to edit Tattoo/Mark, Tattoo/Mark Color, Tweak Tattoo/Mark/Glasses, and Color of Glasses.

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