Grand Cathedral

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"Grand Cathedral" is the location in which you will be fighting the boss "Vicar Amelia". once she is defeated, a lamp will appear.

How to get

Once you have opened the large gate with a special emblem, turn left where an enemy with a "Flamesprayer" is roaming and keep going down, reach the stairs and keep going down still, turn right and go down the alleyway. get rid of the enemies, you will manage to find a ladder, climb it. from there, find your way to drop on a building roof, jump down. (better open the 2 gates which are locked, you will find them easily.) then, go up ALL the stairs until you reach a big door. opening the door will lead you into the room of the boos fight.


After killing "Vicar Amelia", a skull in front of the lamp will shine as a loot, activate it and then claim the reward.


Vicar Amelia

Crow Assassin

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